Sprinkler repair
Are you looking for a better way to repair your sprinkler irrigation systems? Well, there are four. And you just found them!! For over 25 years, our irrigation repair products have been proving themselves time and time again. From repairing broken valve wires to adding stations to your controller, we can help you get your sprinkler irrigation systems repaired and back up and running fast!
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We have been manufacturing top quality irrigation and sprinkler system repair products since 1985. The utmost care goes into ensuring that your product will work right the first time…and every time.

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ALT Descriptions
Doubler2 4 valves on one wire. Doubler 2 valves on one wire, Bypass broken lawn sprinkler and irrigation valve wires.
repair lawn sprinkler irrigation valve wires without digging up your landscape. With Doubler you don’t have to find and repair broken sprinkler irrigation valve wires. Now you can bypass them all together. Make finding and repairing lawn sprinkler irrigation valve wires a thing of the past. You can even add lawn sprinkler irrigation valves to split zones or add drip irrigation. Isolator, protect your sprinkler and irrigation controllers from each other with Isolator.
Prevent feedback, phasing and polarity. Prevent false start times where your controllers start and run by themselves. Prevent controller feedback on systems that use multiple controllers. For systems using more than one controller to operate the same pump or master valve. Also for controllers that have become interconnected in the field. Isolate your lawn sprinkler irrigation controllers from each other with Isolator. Piggyback, upgrade your irrigation and sprinkler controller with PiggybackAdd more stations to your existing sprinkler irrigation controller. Is your irrigation controller out of stations? Do you need to run sprinkler valves but have no more stations
upgrade your controller with Piggyback and add additional stations to operate sprinkler valves or add more stations to run your drip irrigation. upgrade your sprinkler irrigation timer today by simply adding a Piggyback.
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For over 25 years we have been producing easy to use, quality solutions to help you repair those tricky problems found in most sprinkler irrigation systems and get your system back up and running fast.

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